Fitness model essentials....Where to start?

We are here to help you succeed

Our part

Our goal is to promote you, to get your face in front of the biggest audience we possible can, because your success is our success.

We look upon as a team effort and we believe if we work together we can help you move up the ladder of success in the world of Fitness Modeling.

How do can we do this?

By providing wide reaching exposure at both a national and international level through our print magazine Australian Natural Bodz and US Natural Bodz.

We will be running full print advertisements in both editions of our magazine promoting, therefor promoting those who are part of the agency and have a Bio page on this site.

Six tiered networking platform

We not only will utilize the popular Facebook and Youtube platforms we also have two of our own dedicated social networks where you can create a profile, upload your images, bio and achievments. Our Fitness Model event the Asia Pacific International is a major part of our efforts to promote Fitness Modeling in Australia and provide a high quality professional stage production so you can showcase your talent to a wide audience.

The event is promoted heavily through all of our social networking platforms and in print through Natural Bodz Magazine. Agency

We also have an agency side of where we try and secure and book work for you through the connections that we have. We do have a flat rate of 20% commission on any work we secure for any models listed on and this just covers some of the costs involved in promoting you as a Fitness Model and negotiating with the interested parties.

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