Fitness model essentials....Where to start?

The Keys To Physical Perfection

To succeed in the world of Fitness you need to arm yourself with quality precise information on both nutrition, exercise and a winners mind-set.

Haing the right information from the start can save you months or years of wasted time and effort following obscure and innacurate programs that are not based on tried and tested methodology.

The Keys to Physical Perfection program will answer all your questions including:

- What sort of diet works best to achieve a lean athletic physique.

- Why protein is the most important food for your body whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle!

- Why fat is not your enemy and how it can actually help you burn more fat!

- Discover the correct percentages of protein/carbs and fats you should consume for each meal.

- Learn why timing is so critical when it comes to nutrition.

- What supplements offer the best benefits for both weight loss and muscle building.

- How to cut your workout times in half yet get 3 times the results for your efforts!

- What is the best form of exercise to totally transform your body.

- Discover example nutrition and workout programs to guide you on the way.

This is just a small example of what is covered in the Keys To Physical Perfection program by Steve Jones.

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