Fitness model essentials....Where to start?

Exercise & Nutrition for Fitness Models

Educate yourself on nutrition and exercise

You have to know your stuff if you want to get in shape and stay in shape year round. As a Fitness Model you can't afford to be out of shape as you may get a call anytime throughout the year for a photoshoot! Technically there is no off-season for a Fitness Model. The great thing about the Fitness Model lifestyle and training that goes along with it is you get to look great and feel great all year round.

Where do you start with quality training and nutrition advice?

Natural Bodz Magazine is loaded full of cutting edge articles on nutrition and exercise. It is a great resource for not only Fitness Models but anyone who is looking to get into great shape. Knowledge is power in this industry so grab a copy of Natural Bodz magazine for the latest in Nutrition and exercise advice.

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The basics of Nutrition

The market is scattered with thousands of diet programs, most of them are pure fad diets that produce short term weight loss but can't be sustained for any longer than 4-6 weeks. Once you go off the plan you blow out and most often end up worse than when you started! These are your typical yo-yo diets that are designed to fail as the weight loss industry does not make money by telling you the truth.

The truth is once you have a clear understanding on how the basic macronutrients, protein, facts and carbs effect your body in various ways you will be able to control the way you look quickly and easily. The first rule of thumb is to make protein foods the base of your diet, then add some essential fats and then a small quantity of carbohydrates taken at specific times ( pre and post exercise) so you don't store them as body fat.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to nutrition so I have put together two programs that contain all the information you need to know. The Fitness Models Handbook that covers not only the nutritional side but also the exercise and some of the other important elements that make a successful Fitness Model. Plus the Keys To Physical Perfection focuses on the finer details of nutrition, exercise and supplementation to unleash your true physical potential.

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For regular articles and news from the world of Fitness Model make you you grab a copy of Australian Natural Bodz Magazine from your local newsagent or subscribe online. We have regular features on some of the top Fitness Models in Australia and tons of articles on nutrition, training and supplementation.

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