Fitness model essentials....Where to start?

Get yourself some professional photos

You will need both digital and in composite card form. Your images basically become your on and offline business card, without them its impossible to succeed. One golden rule is never send out poor quality images to editors of magazines or CEOs of corporations. First impressive is what counts and a bad image can stick in someones mind and literally cut you out of any future opportunties.

Find a photographer who has a good creative eye with artist flair. Fitness Photography is not wedding photography or scenic photography it is a specialized field and requires a keen eye for bringing out the absolute best in a Fitness Model.

Steve Jones offers tailored packages that includes a professional shoot, digitial images on disc and printed composite cards. Steve is the editor of Natural Bodz Magazine and is able to schedule in a limited number of professional shoots in between producing his magazine. Check out the photography link on the main menu for more details and examples of his work.

We have a range of professionally printed composite cards available in a variety of sizes. Smaller business card style and the standard double sided cards with models bio and images of your choice. These are also available in one of Steve's Professional Photo shoot packages as well.

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Don't sell yourself short, make sure you are armed with high quality images in both digital and print format.

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